• Author : Mattar Amith Kini


Match Inner VLAN in QoS Policy-Map on 7280E/7280R/7500E/7500R

Description Classification of packets based on inner VLAN value along with VLAN and CoS bits in a double tagged packet. Platform compatibility DCS-7020SR DCS-7020SRG DCS-7020TR DCS-7020TRA DCS-7280CR DCS-7280CR2 DCS-7280CR2A DCS-7280CR2K DCS-7280CR2M DCS-7280SE DCS-7280SR DCS-7280SR2 DCS-7280SR2A DCS-7280SR2K DCS-7280SRA DCS-7280SRAM DCS-7280SRM DCS-7280TR DCS-7280TRA DCS-7280QR DCS-7280QRA DCS-7504* DCS-7508* DCS-7512N* DCS-7516N* * On DCS-7504, DCS-7508, DCS-7512N and DCS-7516N modular chassis series, we support this feature only on 7500E, 7500R and 7500R2 linecards. TCAM Profile Configuration To support this feature, we need to apply a TCAM profile that supports match on VLAN, CoS and inner VLAN at the same time. hardware tcam profile qos-inner-vlan-match feature...
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