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Configurable Maintenance Mode Receiver Route-Map (ArBgp)

Routing changes in BGP can be caused by planned maintenance Operations. GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN community allows implementers to provide an automated graceful shutdown mechanism that does not require any router reconfiguration at maintenance time. If a bgp speaker wants to do maintenance it can tag it’s inbound and outbound routes with the GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN community. When a bgp peer which supports GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN community receives a route tagged with GSHUT, it applies a route-map to set the local-preference for such routes to 0. At Arista, this map is called maintenance receiver route-map, and it is applied after the neighbor inbound route-map, superseding the local-preference...
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Support for BGP Peer Flap Damping

Description This document describes the Bgp Peer Flap Damping feature which allows session damping for peers with bfd enabled. BGP takes a long time to detect failures such as failing links due to longer keepalive/hello time-out values. It takes advantage of detecting link failures faster by receiving notification through BFD. This is very useful until we are faced with a link flapping scenario, as it will cause BGP sessions to establish and break down over and over, causing unnecessary traffic loss and churn.  This feature allows delaying establishment of BGP sessions during BFD flapping, which ends up reducing traffic loss...
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