• Author : Pradeep Mallaiah Puttaraju


GRE Tunneling Support

Description This feature introduces the hardware forwarding support for IPv4 over IPv4, GRE-Tunnel interfaces on Arista Switches. A GRE-Tunnel interface acts as a logical interface which performs the GRE encapsulation or decapsulation. Platform Compatibility Hardware forwarding of the GRE-Tunnel interface is supported on the below Arista switches.¬† Following products support GRE-Tunnel Interfaces starting EOS 4.21.1F DCS-7020R Not supported on DCS-7020SRG DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7500R Linecards DCS-7500R2 Linecards Following products support GRE-Tunnel Interfaces starting EOS 4.25.0F DCS-7280R3 Not supported on DCS-7280CR3MK DCS-7500R3 Linecards DCS-7800R3 Linecards Configuration Configuration for creating a GRE-Tunnel interface¬† On Local Arista Switch   arista1(config)#ip routing arista1(config)#interface Tunnel 10...
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