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IS-IS troubleshooting

Objective The objective of this article is to outline the common issues faced when using IS-IS and provide troubleshooting commands which could be helpful. Configuration To enable IS-IS on a router we need to use the commands below. 1. Configure IS-IS routing instance on the router: R1(config)#router isis <instance name> vrf <VRF name> 2. Define the current IS-IS area address and the system ID: R1(config-router-isis)#net 49.0012.0000.0000.0001.00 3. Define is-type of the router, by default it is level-1-2: R1(config-router-isis)#is-type ? level-1 Act as a station router only level-1-2 Act as both a station router and an area router level-2-only Act as...
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