• Author : Micholl Thom


Setting up EVE-NG, CloudVision Portal and vEOS

Introduction EVE-NG is a client-less multivendor network emulation software that enables network and security professionals to build out network topologies and simulate networking environments. Using EVE-NG, Arista vEOS and Arista CloudVision, it is possible to simulate from start to end, connecting and provisioning a datacenter network, test scripting for CloudVision and finally test your EVPN Spine-Leaf configuration. This guide explains how to start an EVE-NG environment (either using the OVF image provided on the EVE-NG site, or by doing a bare-metal install), adding the vEOS and CloudVision images to EVE-NG and connecting the switches in a Leaf-Spine topology. The vEOS...
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