• Author : Aswin Baalachandar


Understanding and Interpreting SNMP outputs for switch entities

This article provides an overview on how to interpret the values returned by SNMP on polling certain MIB objects related to physical entities such as sensor values of different components from a switch. Overview of Entity MIBS To provide a quick overview, Arista supports the following standard MIBs:  ENTITY-MIB (RFC4133) ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB (RFC4268) ENTITY-STATE-MIB (RFC3433) ..and also a proprietary MIB: ARISTA-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB ENTITY-MIB describes a set of MIB objects that can be used to poll information regarding physical entities in a networking equipment such as entity name, class (if the unit is a sensor, module, fan, power supply, container etc), hardware /...
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