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Shaped Interface Speed in IF-MIB

Description This feature adds a SNMP CLI knob to allow an interface’s speed, as shown in IF-MIB, to reflect its shaped bandwidth. When the SNMP knob is configured along with the QoS command “shape rate <rate> [kbps|percent]”, the speed will report the shape rate value. The highest possible value that can be shown is 4294967295. However, this won’t affect the interface’s clock rate. IfSpeed: From IF-MIB::IfTable::IfEntry, shows the speed in bits per second (bps). IfHighSpeed: From IF-MIB::IfXTable::IfXEntry, shows the speed in megabits per seconds (mbps). Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all platforms. Configuration To set the QoS shape...
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DHCP Relay

Introduction DHCP Relay feature forwards DHCP packets between client and server when the DHCP Server is not in the same broadcast domain as the client. DHCP Relay should be configured on the gateway interface (SVI/ L3 interface ) for the clients. DHCP Relay agent creates a new unicast DHCP packet and sets the giaddr field to the ‘primary’ IP address of the interface on which DHCP request packet is received. The modified request packet is then relayed to one or more configured DHCP servers. DHCP server assigns ip address to client from the pool corresponding to giaddr field. Platform Compatibility...
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