• Author : Binglai Niu


Support for Hierarchical Nexthop-groups

Description Nexthop-groups is a routing mechanism where users can configure a set of nexthops by specifying their nexthop addresses and associated encapsulation information in a group. Each nexthop-group is referred to by a unique name and can support a single tunnel type like IP, GRE, MPLS, etc. Static routes that directly resolve through nexthop-groups can be configured. Any traffic destined to an IP address covered by such static routes will then be forwarded via the nexthops specified in the corresponding nexthop-group. Nexthop-groups can be used to achieve Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) routing by configuring multiple nexthop entries. However, on some platforms,...
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Hardware resource optimization for route programming

Description On network devices, when a route is programmed, a certain portion of hardware resources is allocated and associated with the route. Such resource allocation and association might be sub-optimal or redundant in order to maintain fast convergence when the network is churning. For example, when an “equal-cost multi-path” (ECMP) route is programmed and some of the ECMP links are down, the resources allocated to the route may not be released so that the route can recover quickly (as there is no hardware churning) when those links are up. However, since the hardware resources for routes are limited, maintaining sub-optimal...
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