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Sending Telemetry Data from TerminAttr to Multiple CVP instances

Sending Telemetry Data from TerminAttr to Multiple CVP instances Overview This article will explore the ability of the CloudVision Telemetry agent to send data to more than one CloudVision Portal (CVP) instance or CloudVision and a third party application.     The configuration used in this lab was also used as part of the “Synchronising CloudVision Portal Configlets with Ansible” POC lab to enable both CloudVision instances to receive Telemetry data from all the switches. The article for “Synchronising CloudVision Portal Configlets with Ansible” can be found here : https://eos.arista.com/synchronising-cloudvision-portal-configlets-with-ansible/   Introduction The Proof of Concept Lab created to demonstrate...
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Synchronising CloudVision Portal Configlets with Ansible

Introduction As customers deploy Arista devices across multiple locations it becomes important to consider where and how these are managed. In most circumstances more than one instance of CloudVision Portal (CVP) will be required as this allows for multiple fault domains and redundancy within the management plane. This article will explore the use of the Arista CloudVision Ansible modules to synchronise a designated set of CVP Configlets across multiple CVP instances. This ability to synchronise Configlets provides an efficient way of ensuring organisational policies and security requirements can be quickly deployed across an entire Arista estate in a consistent automated...
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Importing Existing switches into CloudVision Portal

Introduction CloudVision Portal (CVP) abstracts the physical network to support turn-key automation for zero touch provisioning, configuration management and network-wide upgrades and rollback. CVP allows the user to quickly deploy new switches into the network using predefined, user created, configuration snippets called configlets. This functionality allows the user to simply automate the deployment of new network elements. What happens if the network elements are already deployed in the network and the user wishes to introduce CVP to automate configuration updates? How would these switches be brought into CVP and their configurations integrated into the configuration hierarchy? This guide will look...
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