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PTP BMCA Enhancements

Description This brief TOI describes a small update made to Arista’s implementation of the Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA), which is used as part of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). In versions prior to EOS-4.27.0F, when the BMCA resulted in a topology change on the switch, PTP monitoring would indicate a slightly higher offset from master (OFM) values. This was typically seen alongside 1.0 skew values while the switch smoothed out skew spikes with the new master. OFM values are observable if PTP monitoring is enabled (by default), using the show ptp monitor command or via CloudVision’s telemetry and metrics....
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Storm control in bits-per-second

Description The existing storm control interface configuration mode CLI commands have been extended to support a new configuration option: bits per seconds (bps). Platform compatibility This new configuration option is supported on: 7300X3 7368 CCS-720XP DCS-7050X3 DCS-7060X4 Configuration For the existing percentage parameter command, traffic policing can be specified as a percentage of the link speed. The following is an example of the existing command: Arista(config-if-Et1)#storm-control broadcast level 50 The above command can be modified to specify the link rate instead by using the “rate” keyword. The configuration command appears as follows: Arista(config-if-Et1)#storm-control broadcast level ? LEVEL Maximum bandwidth percentage...
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