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Per Port Tc-To-Cos

Description This feature enables per port TC-To-COS mapping, where TC represents Traffic-Class and COS represents Vlan tag PCP bits. While at present there is a global TC-To-COS mapping, we can use the TC-To-COS feature to create custom profiles which can be applied to the required interfaces. When a TC-To-COS profile is applied to an interface then all the packets egressing through this interface will follow the below principles: COS remarking will happen based on the TC, Dp (Drop precedence) of the packet. The exact value of the COS will depend on the mapping present in the TC-To-COS profile applied to...
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Cos To Traffic-Class Map on SubInterfaces

Description This feature allows the user to have a custom COS-To-TC map per subinterfaces. By default, subinterfaces follow the parent’s trust settings. With this feature , the classification behaviour will follow the named Cos to TC map and hence, we can have a different qos behaviour among parents and subinterfaces for traffic classification. This feature allows the user to classify packets on a subInterface, based on COS bits ( VLAN priority bits ) of the outer VLAN tag. The exact mapping can be specified using a custom COS-To-TC map. Feature Specification The feature is supported on L2 , L3 ,...
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