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Arista Data Center Interconnect Solutions – Next-Generation 7500R 200G Coherent DWDM Platform

Introduction The latest smartphone app, mobile game, instant messaging tool or video sharing site hits the media, and all of a sudden everyone over the age of 20 discovers what the under-20’s have known for a while and download, install, use and share it. This trend repeats and repeats. This is the modern world of mobile, cloud networks and mega-scale datacenters. Keeping up with the latest trends is not just a problem for those old enough to remember texting with numeric keypads but also for the operators of these datacenters.   More content, in more locations and at significantly faster...
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Arista 7280QR-C36 Load Balancing Optimization for Dual Homed Systems and Networks

Arista 7280QR-C36  The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36 switch is a purpose built flexible fixed configuration 1RU system capable of supporting a wide range of interface choices. Its designed for the highest performance environments such as IP Storage, Content Delivery Networks, Data Center Interconnect and IP Peering. The 7280QR-C36 is optimized for environments with dual connected nodes such as storage and for spine applications with dual homed leaf switches. This technical application note describes the internal optimized load-balancing mechanism used within the switch and how network architects can best deploy this system to maximize overall system performance. The internal architecture of the DCS-7280QR-C36...
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