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TapAgg truncation

EOS-4.18.1F added truncation capability for Tap Aggregation, which allows tapped traffic to be truncated to a smaller size before being transmitted. It can be used to reduce the amount of traffic received by analysis devices, if only the headers are to be analyzed while the payload of the packets is irrelevant or unwanted for practical or legal reasons. An example could be the analysis of packets in a video streaming network where packets would typically have large payloads that are not necessarily useful for the analyzers. Packet truncation can be configured on tap or tool ports: Truncation configured on a...
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Mirroring to CPU

Arista switches provide several mirroring features. Filtered mirroring to CPU adds a special destination to the mirroring features that allows the mirrored traffic to be sent to the switch supervisor. The traffic can then be monitored and analyzed locally without the need of a remote port analyzer. One use case of this feature is for debugging and troubleshooting purpose. As for other mirroring features: it can be configured to mirror RX traffic, TX traffic or both up to 14 mirroring profiles can be used simultaneously In addition mirroring to CPU uses the control plane protection to limit the rate of...
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