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Pushing a Python Script to Devices Using CVP (SWIX)

Introduction In a previous article, I discussed how to push a simple Python script to managed devices with CVP through a configlet. In this article, I will show how to create and install an extension with the same python hello script through an image bundle in CVP. This method is useful if the script is very long and/or has dependencies.   Packaging the Script Into an RPM First, we will need to build an RPM to package the python script. We can do this from a linux host with RPMBuild. I also highly recommend taking a look at this guide...
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Pushing a Python Script to Devices Using CVP (Configlet)

Introduction This method is useful for pushing simple scripts to managed devices in CVP. This is not suitable for long scripts or scripts with dependencies. It may work, but creating extensions is a far more structured approach which I talk about here.   Creating the Configlet We will use an event-handler to assist us in creating the script on the switch due to its ability to execute multiple line bash commands. We are not able to use bash commands natively inĀ  CVP configlets. To start the simple method, create the configlet based on the below example from Provisionsing>Configlets. event-handler hello...
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