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Static inter-VRF route support

Description This feature adds support for static inter-VRF routes. This enables configuration of routes to destinations in one ingress VRF with an ability to specify a next-hop in a different egress VRF through a static configuration. Such static inter-VRF routes can be configured in default and non-default VRFs. A different egress VRF is achieved by “tagging” the “next-hop” or “forwarding via” with a reference to an egress VRF (different from the source VRF) in which that next-hop should be evaluated. Static inter-VRF routes with ECMP next-hop sets in the same egress VRF or heterogenous egress VRFs can be specified This...
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Enhance “show ip bgp” commands to display age of paths received

The BGP implementation now provides the ability to display the age of paths received for a given prefix using the following CLI show commands when the ‘detail’ option is used show ip bgp show ip bgp [prefix] show ip bgp neighbors [NEIGHBOR_ADDR] received-routes show ip bgp neighbors[NEIGHBOR_ADDR] routes Example: #show ip bgp detail BGP routing table information for VRF default Router identifier, local AS number 6001 route status: [a.b.c.d] - Route is queued for advertisement to peer. BGP routing table entry for Paths: 3 available 65074 65377 65400 from ( Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref...
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BGP add-path RX

BGP additional paths is an enhancement that allows a BGP router to advertise and receive multiple distinct paths for the same prefix over the same session. This results in increased path diversity in the network and has a number of important benefits such as fast traffic restoration and efficient link usage through multipathing. Additional paths IETF standard allows for advertisement of multiple paths without new paths implicitly replacing any previous paths. Each path is identified by path identifier in addition to the address prefix. In this release, support has been introduced to only receive additional paths. The ability to send...
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