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Configurable IGP Preference and Metric for SR-TE Policies

Description Currently, there is a global knob for configuring the preference of all SR-TE policies, that affects the comparison between SR-TE policies and other tunnels.  This feature adds more granular control to set the preference and IGP metric of individual policies. The metric is used as a tie-breaker when picking two policies with the same cost value, otherwise the cost determines the preferred policy.  Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all platforms that support SR-TE policies in multi-agent routing mode. Configuration Below is the hierarchy of policy configurations. The existing configuration of igp-cost was under the segment-routing configuration, meaning...
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Segment Routing Traffic Engineering Policy (SR-TE)

Description Segment Routing Traffic Engineering Policy (SR-TE) aka SR Policy makes use of Segment Routing (SR) to allow a headend to steer traffic along any path without maintaining per flow state in every node. A headend steers traffic into an “SR Policy”. EOS 4.21.0F adds support for SR Policy for the MPLS dataplane (SR-MPLS) for Type-1 SR Policy segments with BGP and locally configured policies as sources of SR Policies on Arista’s 7500, 7280 families of switches. SR Policy Overview SR Policy identification An SR Policy is identified using a 2-tuple of Endpoint – an IPv4 or IPv6 address which...
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