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High CPU on FHR or RP due to PIM

Introduction High CPU due to PIM processes is not always a bug and may be caused by either a misconfiguration or a routing issue.  For the purposes of this document we will focus primarily on network misconfiguration. Overview Network wide choppy video, music on hold streams or loud speaker issues are commonly caused by multicast problems in the network.  Should the issue be network wide and not isolated to one area of the network, the next place to start looking is high CPU on the First Hop Routers (FHR) and/or the Rendezvous Point (RP).  When the CPU process is high...
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Recommended Configurations for Multicast Using Anycast-RP

Overview Multicast is a means of sending data from one source to many receivers.  To understand what one to many looks like no further than a TV streaming service and or a paging system which calls only certain phones.  Unlike broadcast which multicast may act like depending on the design, typically multicast packets are not meant for the whole network but to a set of end points for a specific group.  Sending to a group is achieved by sending data to a multicast IP whose range is from to   For data to flow from its publisher or source,...
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