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EVPN VXLAN Support for Wireless APs

Description Typical Wi-Fi networks utilize a single, central Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) to act as a gateway between the wireless APs and the wired network. Arista differentiates itself by allowing the wireless network to utilize a distributed set of aggregation switches to connect APs to the wired network. This feature allows a decentralized and distributed set of aggregation switches to bridge wireless traffic on behalf of the set of APs configured to VXLAN tunnel all traffic to those aggregation switches, or their “local” APs. This is an extension of the VXLAN VTEP to VTEP bridging feature (https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-22-1f/vxlan-vtep-to-vtep-bridging/) which supports only...
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EVPN VxLAN control plane support for OpenStack

Description This feature enables support for an EVPN VxLAN control plane in conjunction with Arista’s OpenStack ML2 plugin for automated network provisioning. When utilizing this feature: VCS (Vxlan Controller Service) on CVX (CloudVision eXchange) will be responsible for dynamically provisioning VLAN to VNI mappings on switches based on OpenStack configuration The OpenStack service on CVX will be responsible for dynamically provisioning VLANs and allowing them on applicable trunk switchports on switches EVPN will be responsible for distributing and configuring flood lists based on  EVPN type 3 IMET routes and host reachability based on type 2 MAC-IP routes This feature is...
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