• Author : Karan Jagjitkumar


Multichip and CPU LANZ

Introduction LANZ adds support for monitoring congestion on backplane (or fabric) ports on DCS-7304, DCS-7308, DCS-7316, DCS-7250QX, DCS-7260CX and DCS-7320X. In addition to monitoring congestion on backplane (or fabric), LANZ adds support for monitoring congestion on CPU ports on DCS-7050QX, DCS-7050SX, DCS-7050TX, DCS-7260QX and DCS-7060CX. LANZ streaming is also available for fabric and CPU ports. This page will only demonstrate specific commands for fabric and CPU ports, and for generic LANZ commands, refer to the existing documentation for LANZ. Platform compatibility Monitoring of both CPU and backplane (or fabric) ports is supported on the following platforms: DCS-7304 DCS-7308 DCS-7316 DCS-7250QX...
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