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Config Session Commit Timer

The Commit Timer mechanism provides a way to automatically rollback changes done by a config session, unless confirmed within a certain interval. This is especially useful when the user commits configuration changes that can potentially cause a network disruption. After issuing a commit timer operation, the user is required to a second commit of that session, to confirm that the changes need to be persisted. If due to any reason (such as network disruption), the user is not able to issue the second commit, the system will automatically rollback to the previous state at the end of the timer. Platform...
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Config sessions

In EOS 4.15.0F release, we have introduced the configuration sessions feature. Configuration sessions allow the user to issue configuration CLIs that do not take effect immediately. Instead, they are saved in a session with the given name. The session can be entered, modified and exited at any time without affecting the running configuration of the system. When the session is committed, the configuration that was modified in the session is copied into running configuration. The session can also be aborted or removed to remove the session completely and free up memory used by the session. Config Sessions can be used to...
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