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ISIS-SR Multiple Adj-SIDs

Description This feature allows a user to configure multiple static adjacency SIDs for an IS-IS adjacency. This feature is an extension to ISIS-SR Global Adj-SIDs and ISIS-SR Static Adj-SIDs. Multiple Adjacency SIDs is supported for both global as well as local adjacency segments. This feature is currently supported for P2P interfaces. Platform compatibility Supported on all platforms where IS-IS and MPLS are supported. This feature is available in both the ribd and the multi-agent routing models. Configuration Multiple static adjacency SIDs can be configured at the interface configuration level with the command: [no|default] adjacency-segment <ipv4/ipv6> p2p multiple index global Arista(config-if-Et1)#adjacency-segment...
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BGP Non Stop Forwarding ( NSF ) aims to minimize the traffic loss when the the following scenarios occur Switchover to Standby Supervisor because of maintenance or software failure viz Kernel hang. Software Upgrades. BGP NSF uses Graceful Restart procedures as defined in the RFC 4724 to support Non Stop Forwarding. It enables the node going down because of software upgrades or switchovers to recover its state with the help from its peers. BGP exchanges the support of this capability with its peers. During the graceful restart the switch forwarding state is preserved and it continues to send traffic on the...
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Bgp multipath relax

EOS by default selects the prefix for ECMP if the two paths have the same AS-PATH length regardless of the ASN values in the AS-PATH attribute. BGP Multipath relax feature provides the knob to change the default behavior of the EOS. The existing EOS behavior of BGP multipath selection that selects the routes in the same ECMP group even if the AS_PATHs are not same should be in effect only if BGP is configured to  relax the check for AS_PATH comparison via the bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax command. Configuration Command Syntax :      [no | default] bgp as-path multipath relax ...
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