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Support to specify VRF for PBR nexthops

This feature enables the user to configure PBR policy on an interface in the default VRF to match and forward incoming packets to a next-hop in a user defined VRF. Platform compatibility DCS-7010 DCS-7050 DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7280E DCS-7300 DCS-7500E Configuration To redirect matching incoming packets to a nexthop in a user defined VRF specify the VRF name as part of the PBR action. If multiple nexthops are provided as part of the PBR action to use ECMP, all the nexthops must be in the same VRF. The VRF specified must be configured and the nexthops should be reachable. switch#configure terminal switch(config)#policy-map type...
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Fallback PBR policy during policy change

Fallback PBR policy enables an alternate policy to be active when PBR policy attached to an interface is being modified. Configuring Fallback PBR policy is similar to configuring normal PBR policy except that the keyword fallback is specified when the fallback policy is attached to an interface. An interface can have one fallback PBR policy in addition to the PBR policy attached. If a fallback policy is attached to an interface that has no other PBR policy attached the fallback policy will be active. Platform compatibility DCS-7500E DCS-7280 Configuration To configure fallback PBR policy on an interface create policy of type pbr using...
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