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BGP conditional route inject

Description BGP conditional route inject functionality¬†is available with the ribd routing protocol model since EOS-4.21.0F –¬†TOI available here. 4.21.3F introduces partial support for the same in the multi-agent routing protocol model. 4.22.0F introduces full support for the same in the multi-agent routing protocol model. Configuration Sample configuration for BGP conditional route inject use-case Requirement: Consider the use case, where specific de-aggregated prefixes have to be advertised when a known aggregated prefix is received. Note: In this case the de-aggregated prefix is not available on the system, and hence they have to be created conditionally whenever the aggregate route is available...
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BGP Conditional Route Inject (Routing protocol mode Rib)

Introduction BGP Conditional route inject provides the capability to control BGP advertisements based on certain conditions in the System. This is achieved using “Dynamic prefix-lists” policy type. Dynamic prefix-list policy construct is similar to the traditional IP and IPv6 prefix-list, except that they have an additional state associated. This state associated with the dynamic prefix-lists, is determined on the basis of the route entries in FIB, and hence as and when the FIB changes, the state also changes dynamically. This state determines the dynamic prefix-list behavior, when used in route-map match clauses etc. Dynamic prefix-list can be used to: 1. Conditionally advertise/withdraw set of...
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