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OSPFv3 Totally Stubby Area Support

In previous releases of EOS, Stub area and NSSA area types were supported for OSPFv3, but without support of the “no-summary” parameter. This new release of EOS is adding support of the “no-summary” option for both of them. As a reminder, Normal area – accepts intra-area, inter-area and external routes. The backbone is a normal area. Stub area – does not receive route advertisements external to the AS. Stub area routing is based on a default route; external destinations are reachable through a default inter-area route. Inter-area-prefix LSAs are imported into Stub areas. Not-so-stubby-area (NSSA) – may import external routes from an ASBR and propagate...
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IPv6 VRF for OSPFv3

This feature adds IPv6 VRF support to Open Shortest Path First(OSPF) Protocol version 3. It allows for OSPFv3 instances in multiple non-default VRFs on the same router. Configuration In this section we describe the essential steps for configuring an OSPFv3 instance in a non-default VRF. Configure a non-default VRF and enabled unicast routing in it Arista(config)# vrf definition test Arista(config-vrf-test)# rd 1:1 Arista(config-vrf-test)# exit Arista(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing vrf test IPv6 unicast routing should now be enabled in the VRF test. This can be verified with the following command: Arista(config)# show vrf Vrf RD Protocols State Interfaces ---------- --------- --------------- -------------------------------...
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