• Author : Venkatesh K Janakiraman


7500 Series Fabric Capacity Monitor

Description Enough fabric capacity is needed to sustain line rate traffic of front panel ports of each switch element (FAP). Fabric capacity depends on number of fabric (SerDes) links that are operational and the effective bit rate of SerDes. Operational front panel ports capacity depends on number of operational front panel ports and their speed. Sand fabric capacity monitor, monitors the fabric capacity and front panel ports capacity. It allows the customer to configure a fabric threshold as a % of front panel ports capacity to monitor. When fabric capacity goes below or above configured threshold a system log message...
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Fabric link monitoring

Starting EOS-4.15.0F, EOS can monitor (for long durations) low error rate errors on all fabric links. It automatically isolates a fabric link from usage when errors are consistently detected over a long time interval. Isolated fabric links are restored back to usage when the error rate drops below a configured threshold. The feature computes the error rate seen over each configurable polling interval by comparing the number of cells with CRC errors against the total number of received cells. It automatically isolates a link from usage when the error rate is above a configurable threshold for a certain consecutive configurable number of polling intervals. On an isolated fabric...
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