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Applying Hot Patches to EOS Software with CloudVision Portal

Maintaining a secure posture within any enterprise is a difficult task. This task can be particularly difficult on the network infrastructure due to a variety of reasons including software quality and network downtime availability. Arista’s unique software architecture has often enabled most security patches to be delivered as hot patches that can be applied to a live running system with low to no impact to the network dataplane eliminating some of the most difficult challenges with maintaining a secure software posture. The only challenge that remains is the effort required to distribute these software patches. In this article, we are...
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An Exercise in Troubleshooting With CVP Telemetry

In a previous post, I demonstrated the ability of CVP Telemetry to do automatic analytics and event correlation.  While each release of CVP includes additional analytic, event correlation, and visualization capabilities, there are still situations for which there is not yet automatic correlation. In this post, we are going to investigate a network problem and identify the root cause using telemetry data.  The lab topology is a layer3 spine-leaf topology with 2 spines and 6 leafs configured as 3 MLAG pairs. As stated in the previous post, Cloud Tracer is a very useful tool for tracking the operational status of...
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Cloud Tracer + Telemetry

Arista’s Cloud Tracer, coupled with CloudVision telemetry integrate together to create a compelling visibility and troubleshooting solution. Cloud Tracer Cloud Tracer is a feature within EOS software that monitors the performance of resources in the network.   Traditionally, network-based performance probes were based on proprietary packet formats and limited to router-router measurements.  Cloud Tracer is able to track and measure performance against an HTTP or HTTPS URL and provide measurements for response time, packet loss, round-trip latency, and jitter.  The URL could be another network device or a critical application resource. CloudVision Telemetry Arista’s CloudVision telemetry is a robust, state streaming...
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