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Introduction LANZ on DCS-7280SE and DCS-7500E adds support for monitoring congestion on front panel ports at a more granular level with Start, Update, and Stop congestion events. These events are available while using Notifying mode. The previous behavior of polling the most congested queue per ASIC is still available in the default Polling mode. LANZ Streaming is now available on DCS-7280SE and DCS-7500E. Platform compatibility DCS-7280SE DCS-7500E Configuration Enabling Notifying mode Arista(config)# queue-monitor length notifying This enables Notifying mode. The default is Polling mode. In a mixed system with both DCS-7500 and DCS-7500E linecards configuring Notifying mode results in Notifying...
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PTP enhancements

  This document describes the enhancements to Arista’s IEEE-1588 PTP implementation¬†introduced in EOS-4.15.0F. Arista – 7150 PTP boundary mode is now supported on 40G interfaces. Transparent clock mode is not supported on 40G interfaces. Arista – all platforms that support PTP specify that an interface may only operate in master mode – this will prevent an unexpected topology inversion due to losing connectivity with the grandmaster.   Configuration Configuration of PTP boundary mode on 40G interfaces works exactly the same as on interfaces with other speeds: From interface configuration mode: switch(config-if-<intf>)#ptp enable From global config mode: switch(config)#ptp mode boundary The...
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