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Dynamic and symmetric LAG hashing

Platform Compatibility PLATFORM INITIAL RELEASE DCS-7150S EOS-4.11.3F DCS-7280E/7500E EOS-4.15.0F DCS-7280R/7500R EOS-4.18.0F DCS-7280R2/7500R2 EOS-4.20.0F DCS-7280R3/7500R3/7800 EOS-4.22.1F DCS-7020R EOS-4.20.0F Starting with EOS4.15.0F, dynamic and symmetric LAG hashing policies are supported on the 7500E platform. Dynamic LAG hashing enables high link utilization and highly even distribution among LAG members by employing a randomized hashing algorithm. Symmetric LAG hashing allows the two flows of a bidirectional communication link, even when the two flows enter the switch on different ingress ports, to be hashed to the same member of a LAG on egress. Dynamic and symmetric LAG hashing policies are enabled via named Port-channel load-balancing...
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Tap aggregation enhancements

As of EOS 4.15.0F, there are two general enhancements to Tap Aggregation on the 7500E platform in 4.15.0F: Support replication to LAGs in tool groups with multiple members Support larger MRU (10K) when in Tap Aggregation mode. In previous releases, load balancing to LAGs as tool interface is possible only when the LAG is the only member of a tool group. In other cases, when a LAG is a member of tool groups with multiple members, only a designated interface is chosen. Other members of the LAG will not receive traffic. With this enhancement, traffic will be load balanced out of...
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