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Mirroring to Multiple Destinations

Description This feature adds support for allowing multiple destinations in a single monitor session. Reference TOI for support of advanced mirroring features is available here. Platform compatibility DCS-7280SE, DCS-7500E, DCS-7280R, DCS-7280R2, DCS-7500R, and DCS-7500R2 (as of EOS-4.22.1F) DCS-7280R3 and DCS-7800R3 (as of EOS-4.23.1F) Configuration The following section describes how to configure a monitor session with multiple destinations. lf121(config)#monitor session s1 source ethernet 7 lf121(config)#monitor session s1 destination ethernet 23,24,25 lf121(config)#show monitor session Session s1 ------------------------ Source Ports: Both: Et7 Destination Ports: Et23 : active Et24 : active Et25 : active lf121(config)#monitor session s1 destination ethernet 26 lf121(config)#monitor session s1 destination...
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