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ASU support on the 7170 series

Description 4.24.0F adds Accelerated Software Upgrade (ASU) support to the 7170 series.  Accelerated Software Upgrade significantly decreases control-plane downtime and packet loss during switch reload or upgrade, by: performing time-intensive tasks (including copying the EOS image) before rebooting the control plane forwarding packets in hardware while the control-plane is offline optimizing the boot process to: quickly enable essential services (e.g., ARP) send protocol keepalives (e.g., for LACP) prevent port flaps minimize packet loss by deferring hardware reprogramming Accelerated Software Upgrade is detailed in the Upgrades and Downgrades chapter of the EOS User Manual. On the 7170 series, this feature is...
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Tap aggregation hybrid mode

  As of 4.15.0F, tap aggregation can be configured in conjunction with other switching and routing features.  This functionality is referred to as hybrid mode.  Hybrid mode is supported on the 7500E series and allows certain line cards to be designated for Tap Aggregation, while permitting others to continue operating as usual. Please see Limitations for unsupported use cases.   Configuration Hybrid mode Tap Aggregation is configured as follows. switch(config)#tap aggregation switch(config-tap-agg)#[no|default] mode mixed module linecard <range> The range can be used to specify one or more linecards to use for Tap Aggregation.  For example, the following would enable Tap Aggregation on linecards...
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