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GRE Tunneling support

This feature introduces the hardware forwarding support for IPv4 over IPv4 GRE tunnel interfaces in Arista Switches. The GRE tunnel interfaces acts as logical interface which performs the GRE encapsulation or decapsulation. Platform compatibility Hardware forwarding of GRE tunnel interface is supported on the below Arista switches DCS-7020R DCS-7280R DCS-7500R The hardware forwarding of GRE tunnel interface on DCS-7500R  is supported only if all the Linecards on the system have Jericho family chipset. Configuration Configuration for creating a GRE tunnel interface On Local Arista Switch arista1(config)#ip routing arista1(config)#interface Tunnel 10 arista1(config-if-Tu10)#tunnel mode gre arista1(config-if-Tu10)#ip address arista1(config-if-Tu10)#tunnel source arista1(config-if-Tu10)#tunnel...
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Ingress replication to LAGs

On DCS-7048, DCS-7280E, DCS-7500 and DCS-7500E, prior to EOS 4.14.5, multicast traffic using ingress replication would load balance the traffic over lags on a per-multicast group basis. The software would pin a multicast flow to a port in the lag based on the vlan and the multicast MAC address of the flow. This meant that software would resolve the lag for a multicast-group, and program the resolved port into the hardware for multicast traffic destined to that group. This would result in two problems: The load balancing of traffic over ports may not be even. If there is more traffic...
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