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DCS-7160: ACL based QoS

ACL based QoS marking and policing is supported on DCS-7160 switches. Currently we support IPv4 ACL based QoS via policy-map configuration. The feature can be configured on front panel ports and port-channel interfaces and will be applied to traffic in ingress direction. Platform compatibility DCS-7160-32CQ DCS-7160-48YC6 Configuration Please refer to EOS configuration guide to configure ACL based QoS marking and policing using QoS service-policies. Sample configuration can be found below, Arista(config)#ip access-list acl1 Arista(config-acl-acl1)#permit ip any Arista(config-acl-acl1)#exit Arista(config)#class-map match-any class1 Arista(config-cmap-qos-class1)#match ip access-group acl1 Arista(config-cmap-qos-class1)#exit Arista(config)#policy-map policy1 Arista(config-pmap-qos-policy1)#class class1 Arista(config-pmap-c-qos-policy1-class1)#police cir 100 mbps bc 100 kbytes Arista(config-pmap-c-qos-policy1-class1)#set dscp 20...
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Shared ACL based QoS on SVIs

ACL based QoS programmed on SVIs can share hardware resources starting from EOS-4.17.0F. This results in a more efficient utilization of the system resources and is particularly useful for environments with a few, potentially large, QoS policy-maps applied to multiple SVIs. For more information on ACL based QoS support on SVIs, refer to ACL based Qos on SVIs. Platform compatibility DCS-7010 DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7300X Configuration By default, the sharing of ACLs is disabled. The CLI command used to enable it is: 7050(config)#hardware access-list qos resource sharing vlan in The CLI command to disable it is: 7050(config)#no hardware access-list qos resource sharing vlan in Status Show Commands...
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IPv6 access-lists can be used to filter IPv6 network traffic. Starting EOS 4.15.0F release, we have added support for IPv6 ACLs for DCS-7150 series. This feature will available for the following interfaces: Ethernet port ( ingress and egress ) Port-Channel ( ingress and egress ) SVI ( ingress only) Additionally, support is also added for IPv6 ACL based TapAgg traffic steering. Please check Tap Aggregation Traffic Steering TOI for information on the same. Configuration The following example creates an IPv6 ACL and adds the rules in ACL configuration mode. switch(config)#ipv6 access-list test1 switch(config-ipv6-acl-test1)#permit ipv6 2001::1/120 any switch(config-ipv6-acl-test1)#deny ipv6 any 3001::3/64 log...
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