• Author : Panduranga Bhat


Overlay Source MAC Rewrite

Description This feature rewrites the overlay source MAC address of the packet which egresses the switch after the VXLAN encapsulation. It provides a CLI configuration to specify source IP address and VRF of the incoming packet as the match criteria for this rewrite.  In other words, the feature rewrites the inner source mac address of the packet using inner source IP address and ingress VRF as the match criteria.     This feature assumes that if the ARP for a certain IP address is resolved on a certain L3 interface, all packets with that IP address as the source address will...
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RACL sharing

TCAM sharing between different VLAN Interfaces when they have same ACL attached : Configurable via CLI Today, ( and hence forth without enabling this feature on CLI ) Same ACL attached to different  VLAN Interfaces (SVI), consumes its own TCAM set. This Feature provides better TCAM resource utilization. Note that ACLs attached to regular L2 and L3 ports share TCAMs by default.  Thus this feature alters TCAM sharing behavior only for VLAN interfaces. Handy feature for customers who have few ACLs shared among lots of VLANs When this feature is configured, changing the ACL that is not shared with other VLAN...
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