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IPv6 BGP peers and IPv6 prefixes for non-default VRFs are supported starting EOS-4.15.0F. All CLI commands available in the address-family IPv6 submode of the default VRF are also supported for non-default VRFs. Configuration IPv6 BGP VRF configuration is performed in the VRF submode of the router-bgp configuration mode. For example, the following commands activate IPv6 address-family support for the IPv6 neighbor  fd7a:2433:8c01::1 in the red VRF: Arista(config)#router bgp 1 Arista(config-router-bgp)#vrf red Arista(config-router-bgp-vrf-red)#router-id Arista(config-router-bgp-vrf-red)#neighbor fd7a:2433:8c01::1 remote-as 16 Arisya(config-router-bgp-vrf-red)#address-family ipv6 Arista(config-router-bgp-vrf-red-af)#neighbor fd7a:2433:8c01::1 activate Status show ipv6 bgp vrf <vrf-name> displays BGP IPv6 routing table entries for a given VRF: Arista(config)#show ipv6...
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