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Segment Security

The Segment security feature provides the convenience of applying policies on segments rather than interfaces or subnets. Workloads/VMs are classified into segments based on interfaces, subnets, and ip addresses. Grouping interfaces and subnets into segments allows for definition of policies between segments that govern flow of traffic between them. Policies define inter segment communication rules, e.g. segment A can communicate with segment B over tcp port 80 . By default no communication is allowed between segments. Explicit rules need to be configured to allow communication. Communication between workloads within the same segment is not restricted. This feature is similar to...
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Audio Video Bridging (AVB)

AVB technology allows transporting time sensitive professional grade audio and video streams over a switched ethernet network while providing deterministic latency and bandwidth guarantees. Supporting protocols include: Generalised Precision Time Protocol (gPTP): AVB uses gPTP to ensure time synchronised delivery of AVB streams. Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol (MSRP): MSRP allows endpoints to reserve bandwidth and ensures quality of service (QoS) for AVB streams through the use of admission control and traffic shaping. Multiple Vlan Registration Protocol (MVRP): MVRP is used for dynamic registration and de-registration of VLANs which carry AVB traffic. Both MSRP, MVRP are MRP applications. Multiple Registration Protocol ( MRP...
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