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Quality of Service on the vEOS router (DPDK mode)

Description The following QoS features are supported on the vEOS router ( DPDK flavor ): Traffic Classification The port can be configured to derive one of eight traffic class ( 0 .. 7 ) for data stream on the basis of one of the following: CoS field contents. A user configurable CoS-traffic class map is used to derive traffic class. DSCP field contents. A user configurable DSCP-traffic class map is used to derive traffic class Trust mode setting of the port. CoS default setting DSCP default setting DSCP Rewrite vEOS router can rewrite the DSCP field for the outbound packets...
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OpenFlow/DirectFlow enhancements

The following are new enhancements in DirectFlow and/or OpenFlow that have been added in EOS-4.15.1F Action TTL decrement in an OpenFlow flow OpenFlow 1.3 Group support on DCS-7010 series Clearing flow counters  Action output next hop for DirectFlow Action TTL Decrement in an OpenFlow flow Support for OFPAT_DEC_NW_TTL has been added for flows. This action is supported on DCS-7050, DCS-7050X and DCS-7010 series of switches. This action can be used in conjunction with OFPAT_OUTPUT, OFPAT_POP_VLAN and OFPAT_SET_FIELD actions. a7050(config)#show openflow flows Flow flow00000000000000000001: priority: 100 cookie: 0 (0x0) match: destination Ethernet address: 00:cc:cc:cc:cc:cc/ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff Ethernet type: IPv4 actions: decrement TTL output interfaces:...
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OpenFlow forwarding mode flow-and-normal

A new forwarding pipeline is being introduced in EOS-4.15.0F which allows the traffic entering the switch to be processed in a “normal” manner if it does not match a configured flow. It can be seen as an amalgamation of the “OpenFlow” process pipeline and “Normal” pipeline. Unlike OpenFlow, traffic is subjected to ingress and egress VLAN checks, STP state for a port and ingress features such as port ACLs can override the flow actions. It must be noted that this is different than the OpenFlow hybrid mode since flow-and-normal mode does not allow packets to go from OpenFlow pipeline to...
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OpenFlow 1.3

OpenFlow 1.3 protocol is supported in EOS 4.15.0F on DCS-7050 and DCS-7050X series of switches. The switch and the controller will negotiate the highest common version supported between them and start using it. No additional configuration is required to enable OpenFlow 1.3 The following features are supported from the OpenFlow 1.3 specification. OXM support for matches and actions Groups of type select Auxiliary channel over UDP Apart from the features from specification, the following features have been added to improve the implementation of OpenFlow in EOS-4.15.0F Table profile Auto IPv6 support The output of show openflow command displays the version...
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