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Drop Precedence Counters for Subinterfaces

Description Tagging traffic with a drop-precedence is a method that can be used to differentiate traffic flows over a given subinterface.  One application of this can be to count IPV4 or IPV6 packets and bytes for each subinterface. Platform compatibility DCS-7060DX4-32 DCS-7060PX4-32 DCS-7368X4 CCS-720XP 7300X3 DCS-7050X3 Feature History Release Update 4.27.0F Initial introduction on DCS-7060DX4-e32, DCS-7060PX4-32 DCS-7368X4 4.27.1F Added support for CCS-720XP, 7300X3, and DCS-7050X3 4.25.2F (Example) Phase-2 features (MLAG support) Configuration 1 – Configure an IP access-lists to match traffic switch(config)#ip access-list acl1 switch(config-acl-acl1)#permit 41 any any !! note: 41 = 0x29 = IPv6 2 – Add the access-list...
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User-configurable L2 MTU

Packets which exceed the L2 Maximum Transmission unit (MTU) in EOS are dropped. The value of the L2 MTU is configurable for each Ethernet or Port-channel interface. Configuration L2 MTU is configured from the CLI in config-interface mode: Arista(config-if-<interface>)#{no|default} l2 mtu <configured value in bytes> Status Show Commands L2 MTU status can be seen with: Arista#show interface <interface list> l2 mtu Port        MTU Config MTU Status ———-  ———- ———- Et1         1500       1500 Et2         1500       2000 Po1         2000       2000 The MTU Config is the configured value, and...
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