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7170 Load Balancer

Description The primary challenge with using a switching ASIC as a load balancer has been how to deal with changes in the network topology without disrupting existing TCP connections. ASICs are very good at hashing multiple flows evenly across multiple devices, however when the number of devices changes; it causes rehashing of flows causing many of them to be sent to a different device. In the case of TCP this is fatal and results in the TCP connection being lost. Resilient ECMP hashing is a feature that prevents network wide rehashing when a network device fails however this technique still...
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CLI to reserve BST slices for multicast routes

In order to use the BST(Binary Search Tree) resources more efficiently for multicast, we are introducing a new CLI command to reserve space in the BST for multicast routes. Using this CLI command, the user can specify the number of multicast routes he would like to program in the BST. The software internally translates this to the number of BST partitions required and then earmarks the same for multicast routes. Configuration The following CLI configuration commands are introduced: 1. platform fm6000 bst reserved mroutes <1-15345> 2. no platform fm6000 bst reserved mroutes 3. default platform fm6000 bst reserved mroutes The...
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