• Author : Siddharth Verma


IPv6 egress RACL sharing

IPv6 egress ACLs applied to routed interfaces across the same chip on the DCS-7500E and the DCS-7280E series can be shared starting EOS-4.15.0F. In addition to that, IPv6 egress ACLs can match on the DSCP value, starting with the same release. This result in a more efficient utilization of the system resources and it is particularly useful for environments with a few, potentially large, IPv6 Egress ACLs applied across multiple routed interfaces. Configuration By default, the sharing of ACLs is disabled. The CLI command used to enable it is: 7500(config)#hardware access-list resource sharing vlan ipv6 out The CLI command to disable it is: 7500(config)#no hardware access-list resource sharing vlan...
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