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QinQ L3 Subinterfaces

QinQ L3 subinterfaces divide a single ethernet or port-channel interface into multiple logical L3 interfaces based on a combination of two 802.1q tags (VLAN ID) in the incoming traffic. QinQ L3 subinterfaces are commonly used in the L2/L3 boundary device, but they can also be used to isolate traffic with a combination of two 802.1q tags between L3 peers by assigning each subinterface to a different VRF. QinQ L3 subinterfaces are similar to regular L3 subinterfaces, with the only difference being the number of tags being used to isolate traffic. While L3 subinterfaces use a single 802.1q tag (VLAN ID)...
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SNMP MIB for nexthop-group counters

Nexthop-groups is an existing feature which allows users to manually configure a set of tunnels with nexthops. Nexthop-group counters provide the ability to count packets and bytes associated with such tunnels. With SNMP MIB support, users can use SNMP to query the nexthop-groups present in the system, and the counters for each entry in a nexthop-group. Platform compatibility DCS-7500E DCS-7280E DCS-7500R DCS-7280R Configuration The SNMP agent can be enabled when the first community is created. Arista(config)#snmp-server community public Nexthop-group entries can be counted only when the nexthop hardware counter feature is configured. 7500R(config)#hardware counter feature nexthop Status 7500R(config)#show snmp mib...
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