• Author : Zhuohui Tan


Hierarchical Forwarding Equivalence Class

Introduction Hierarchical Forwarding Equivalence Class (HFEC) changes a FEC from a single flat level to a multi-level FEC resolution. On 7280R/7500R onwards, two level HFEC is supported: the 1st level FEC points to tunnel next hops and the 2nd level FEC points to direct next hops for each of the tunnel’s next hops. HFEC has below benefits: Supports larger ECMP since only the 1st level tunnel FEC is exposed to RIB, the 2nd level interface FEC is hidden to RIB. Achieves faster convergence since tunnel FEC and interface FEC at each level can be independently updated. Supported Platforms: 7280QR-C72 7280QRA-C36S...
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