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Description This feature adds support for BGP UCMP in the multi-agent routing protocol model. The TOI for BGP UCMP in the ribd routing protocol model can be found here. Unequal Cost Multi Path (UCMP) for BGP is a mechanism for forwarding traffic from a device for an ECMP route in the ratio of the weights with which the next hops of that route are programmed in the FIB. This is done for BGP by disseminating BGP link bandwidth extended community attribute information with BGP paths such that the receiver device of all such paths for a route programs next hops...
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BGP Labeled Unicast / Segment Routing support in multi-agent mode

Description This feature implements RFC3107 that allows carrying a label stack with BGP route updates, using multi-protocol BGP. It also implements segment routing extensions that allow accepting and carrying the transitive segment-index (SID) attribute in LU route updates. This implementation is for multi-agent mode. BGP LU for ribd mode is supported since 4.17.0F, see details in the following location: https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-17-0f/bgplu/ The following BGP LU features are supported: Basic IPv4 and IPv6 BGP LU, both receiving LU updates and originating/re-advertising LU routes to other peers iBGP and eBGP peering for LU peers Using ISIS-SR (or other MPLS tunnels) as the underlay...
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