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VXLAN Bridging & Routing on DCS-7500R3

Description This document describes the support of VxLAN Bridging and Routing on the R3 series of DCS 7280, 7500 and 7800 Arista switches. Platform Compatibility DCS-7280R3 DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 Linecards DCS-7800R3 Linecards Differences with DCS-7500R2 Implementation Following are the notable differences with respect to implementation of VxLAN on the R3 series of switches. There is no need to configure vxlan-routing TCAM profile to enable VxLAN routing on the R3 series switches. The command is still accepted for backward compatibility reasons. Any CPU bound traffic after VxLAN decapsulation (e.g. routing protocol packets) will use the same CoPP queues used by the non...
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SSO Support for 7500R series

This TOI describes the features details and any caveats of Stateful Switchover (SSO) support for Sand modular chassis with 7500R (Jericho) and 7500R2 (JerichoPlus) based line cards. Supported Chassis 7504 7508 7504N 7508N 7512N Supported Line cards All Jericho based line card modules with the exception of 7500RM-36CQ-LC and7500R-8CFPX-LC modules. All JerichoPlus based line card modules with the exception of 7500R2M-36CQ-LC module Configuration Command for enabling redundancy protocol sso. redundancy protocol sso Status Following command shows the current status of the system with configured redundancy state. The ‘my state’ refers to the state of the supervisor on which this command...
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MPLS over GRE Encapsulation

MPLS over GRE encapsulation MPLS-over-GRE encapsulation support in EOS 4.17.0 enables tunneling IPv4 packets over MPLS over GRE tunnels. This feature leverages next-hop group support in EOS. With this feature, IPv4 routes may be resolved via MPLS-over-GRE next-hop group to be able to push one MPLS label and then GRE encapsulate the resulting labelled IPv4 packet before sending out of the egress interface. Platform compatibility DCS 7500E DCS 7280SE Configuration nexthop-group group_name type mpls-over-gre size num_entries ttl ttl_value tunnel-source { intf intf | src_ip_addr } entry index push label-stack label tunnel-destination dst_ip_addr Example: switch(config)#nexthop-group nhg1 type mpls-over-gre switch(config-nexthop-group-nhg1)#tunnel-source switch(config-nexthop-group-nhg1)#ttl...
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