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DirectFlow runs alongside the existing layer 2/3 forwarding plane, enabling a network architecture that incorporates new capabilities, such as TAP aggregation and custom traffic engineering, alongside traditional forwarding models. DirectFlow allows users to define flows that consist of match conditions and actions to perform that are a superset of the OpenFlow 1.0 specification. DirectFlow does not require a controller or any third party integration as flows can be installed via the CLI. Platform compatibility DCS-7010T DCS-7010T-DC DCS-7050S DCS-7050T-36 DCS-7050T-52 DCS-7050T-64 DCS-7050TX DCS-7050SX DCS-7050QX DCS-7260QX-64 DCS-7060CX-32S DCS-7060CX2-32S DCS-7250QX DCS-7260CX DCS-7300X DCS-7320X Configuration Directflow supports flow configuration at different stages of the...
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IP-in-IP encapsulation

With this feature, IP packets matching a static Nexthop-Group route can be encapsulated within an IP-in-IP tunnel and forwarded. Platform compatibility DCS-7050 DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7300 DCS-7010T Configuration Configure a static Nexthop-Group route and an IP-in-IP Nexthop-Group. Arista(config)#ip route nexthop-group abc Arista(config)#nexthop-group abc type ip-in-ip Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#size <1-1024> Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#tunnel-source Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#entry 0 tunnel-destination Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#entry <0-size> tunnel-destination Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#ttl <1-64> Status Show Commands show nexthop-group shows all the information about Nexthop-Groups configuration show platform trident l3 software tunnel encap shows the list of tunnels configured in the system Arista(config)#show nexthop-group abc Id          1 Type        ipInIp Size       2 Ttl        ...
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