• Author : Jahnavi Singhal


IPv6 route support for Nexthop Groups

With this, IPv6 routes can be configured pointing to a static Nexthop-group of 2 types:- Type “ip” : IPv6 packets matching the route will be load balanced across the paths. This works like a regular but static ECMP. Type “ip-in-ip” : Packets matching the route will be encapsulated within an IPv6 tunnel and forwarded. Platform compatibility DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7300 DCS-7010 Configuration Configure a static Nexthop-Group route and an IP-in-IP Nexthop-Group. Arista(config)#ipv6 route 2001::1/128 nexthop-Group abc-ip Arista(config)#nexthop-group abc-ip type ip Arista(config-nexthop-group-abc)#?  entry           Nexthop Group Entry Index  size            Nexthop Group Entry Size  ttl             Time to Live...
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