• Author : Harish Prabhu


VXLAN Indirect Routing on 7280E, 7280R and 7500R series

In EOS-4.18.0F, VXLAN direct routing was introduced on the 7500R and 7280E/R series platforms. VXLAN routing provides the capability to route between VXLAN Layer 2 domains. In EOS-4.18.1, support for VXLAN Indirect Routing model is added to the 7500R and 7280E/R series platforms. In the Indirect routing model, the destination host is not directly attached to the VTEP(s) where the default gateway functionality is present. This model is called “indirect” because, in this model,  the packet possibly needs to go through multiple hops in the overlay to reach the final destination. It typically involves running routing protocols in the overlay...
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