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Dot1x – User Should Be Able to Set Access Direction

Summary When passive non-Dot1x speaking devices are connected to Dot1x port and it is expected that they would be authenticated by MAC address. These devices would not actively send packets and only respond to poll requests such as ping, arp and etc., but not Dot1x requests. These devices have ip preconfigured, and the switch would have a routed port and SVI for each of access vlans to route traffic to the connecting host/devices once they are authenticated and assigned with a vlan. With current Dot1x design switch blocks forwarding in both ingress and egress directions, and only sends out Dot1x...
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cEOS License Scheme

Starting from EOS-4.21.3F, license for feature BRCM-STRATA-SCHW-TP, which stands for Broadcom Strata Single Chip Hardware Third Party, is required to deploy cEOS/EOS on White Box. Following is an illustration of how cEOS/EOS White Box license is enforced, Details Expiry Warning Log In case of less than 30 days but more than 24 hours to expiration, following log is generated, %LICENSE-4-ABOUT_TO_EXPIRE: License for feature BRCM-STRATA-SCHW-TP expires in <n> days in case of less than 24 hours to expiration, %LICENSE-4-ABOUT_TO_EXPIRE: License for feature BRCM-STRATA-SCHW-TP expires today Soft Enforcement In case of license expiration, following syslog message is generated within grace period, %LICENSE-4-EXPIRED: License...
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Description Ahost is a generic Fedora-based Linux OS primarily for the purposes of hosting cEOS. It has a 64-bit kernel (EosKernel) and a 32-bit userspace. It is provided as a SWI called Ahost.swi. Platform compatibility DCS-7050CX3-32S DCS-7050SX3-48YC12 DCS-7060CX-32S-ES DCS-7060CX-32S-SSD DCS-7260CX3-64 Configuration To load Ahost on a box running EOS: Copy Ahost.swi to /mnt/flash/ on the box Modify the boot-config (/mnt/flash/boot-config) to point to Ahost.swi: SWI=flash:/Ahost.swi Reboot the box   Installation of Ahost.swi through onie-installer is supported on White Boxes in experimental mode.   Ahost acquires its IP over DHCP. This may result in a different IP address than the one...
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