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Bgp Monitoring Protocol for Multi-agent Model

Description BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) allows a monitoring station to connect to a router and collect all of the BGP announcements received from the router’s BGP peers. The announcements are sent to the station in the form of BMP Route Monitoring messages generated from path information in the router’s BGP Adj-Rib-In tables. A BMP speaker may choose to send either pre-policy routes, post-policy routes, or both. BMP functionality is available with the single agent routing protocol model since EOS-4.21.1F as described here.  EOS 4.21.4F introduces support for BMP in the multi-agent routing protocol model. Platform compatibility This feature is available on...
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GRE in LAG hash

By default,  inner IP header of a GRE packet is used for LAG hashing. With this feature, LAGs can hash GRE traffic across ports based on the outer IP header. Platform compatibility DCS-7050X DCS-7300X DCS-7250QX Configuration Using outer IP header of GRE packets for LAG hashing can be enabled based on different GRE tunnel types ( IPv4 over IPv4 GRE tunnel, IPv6 over IPv4 GRE tunnel, IPv4 over IPv6 GRE tunnel and IPv6 over IPv6 GRE tunnel).  To enable GRE LAG hashing based on outer IP header for one or more GRE tunnel types, use the following command in global configure mode:...
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BGP neighbor max-routes needs restart interval config option

The BGP idle restart interval feature allows an idle BGP peer session to automatically restart after a configurable time interval. Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all platforms. Configuration The following configuration can be used under the BGP configuration mode to enable idle restart interval. [no|default] neighbor <neighbor-id> idle-restart-timer <restart-interval> restart-interval:  <60-4294967295> restart interval in seconds Example This example configures maximum-routes of neighbor to be 5000 and restart-interval to be 100. With this configuration, a connection attempt will be made automatically 100 seconds after the neighbor goes to Idle state due to reach 5000 maximum-routes. neighbor idle-restart-timer...
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