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PFC Watchdog

This feature enables detection of egress queues that are unable to transmit packets for prolonged periods of time due to receiving continuous PFC pause frames. On detection of such a stuck tx-queue this feature will error-disable the respective port with a err-disable reason of “stuck-queue”. Error-disabling a port in such a case may re-route the traffic via different port to the destination if possible. Platform compatibility DCS-7050x Series Configuration This feature can be enabled by the following command Arista(config)# priority-flow-control pause watchdog default timeout < 3-60 seconds >  This will start monitoring all the egress queues which have guaranteed bandwidth enabled and for the priorities...
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Weighted Round Robin Scheduling

EOS supports different scheduling policies which dictate the way packets at different transmit queues leave the egress port. Currently EOS supports Strict Priority (SP) and Weighted Round Robin(WRR). Default scheduling policy is Strict Priority. Weighted Round Robin scheduling allows packets at different transmit queues to be serviced in round-robin manner in accordance to the weights assigned to those transmit queues. Users will be able to configure the set of queues to participate in WRR scheduling and will also be able configure the weights for those queues. At any given point, EOS allows some transmit queues to participate in SP and some to participate in WRR, the condition being the scheduling policy has...
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