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Configurable TPID

Configurable TPID enables TPID to be configured per switchport (default TPID on switchport is 0x8100) on supported platforms starting 4.15.2F. Packet is considered tagged (both from ingress and egress point of view) on an interface if and only if TPID on the packet matches the TPID configured on the interface. Terminology As per IEEE 802.1q, standard TPID (Tag Protocol IDentifier) is 0x8100. IEEE 802.1ad standardizes 0x88a8 as the outer TPID for QinQ frames. Another commonly used (but not standardized by IEEE) outer TPID for QinQ frames is 0x9100. TPID overlays the ethertype/length field in an ethernet frame and is also referred to as ‘dot1q...
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Dual Tag VLAN mapping

Dual Tag VLAN mapping feature defines mapping between (outer VID and inner VID of double tagged packet) and bridging VLAN. At ingress, pair of VIDs is mapped to a bridging VLAN and at egress, the bridging VLAN is mapped to a pair of VIDs. Platform compatibility DCS-7500E DCS-7280E Configuration This is a interface level configuration. Arista(config)#int eth 3/1 Arista(config-if-Et3/1)#switchport vlan translation <outer-tag> inner <inner-tag> <bridging-vlan> Example Arista(config-if-Et3/1)#switchport vlan translation 1000 inner 100 200 Ingress(or)Egress only vlan mappings can be configured using 'in'(or)'out' keywords Arista(config-if-Et3/1)#switchport vlan translation in <outer-tag> inner <inner-tag> <bridging-vlan> Arista(config-if-Et3/1)#switchport vlan translation out <bridging-vlan> <outer-tag> inner <inner-tag> Example...
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